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Markus Wirth

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About me...

I love playing the electric guitar, the sound (!), above all everything in this band. I was born in Ulm in 1974. When I was 4 years old I discovered the guitar and since then I have given everything to become a musician. I have been a freelance musician and guitar teacher since 2006 and earn my living from concerts, various bands from days gone by,  but you can also hear me live as a musician with an acoustic guitar between the stories at various theaters ("Wortreich"-Ulmer Theater, "Färchenjurte" for adults-JUB/Ulm) & see.

FlaWi is our baby. 

I produce the band's sound recordings in my own recording studio - Studio W*-


In Mähringen (Ulm) you can also learn guitar with me. Play freely (Improvisation) Being able to do it is my specialty, and you can learn that too.Let's play "jazz" that doesn't sound like "jazz."Of course, there is a kind of basic course for all newcomers (from about 8 years old). Being individual and flexible is my motto. Feel free to call me or write me an email.

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    Old Street 39

    89081 Ulm

    Danke für Deine Nachricht!
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